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    • Agilent/HP/717/通信信号分析仪
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    OmniBER 717 communications performance analyzer offers a one box, field portable multi-rate tester to 622Mb/s for installation, maintenance, and commissioning of today$$$s hybrid PDH/SDH/SONET and ATM transport networks and network equipment. 

    OmniBER 717 can be configured as a dual standard SONET/SDH analyzer for BER and jitter tests which makes it the ideal tool for testing network equipment in a manufacturing environment. The dual SONET/SDH capability along with comprehensive remote control of the instruments rich feature set means that production lines can be rapidly reconfigured to test either SONET or SDH. Training costs and program development times are reduced as there is only one easy-to-use interface to learn. 

    The Universal Instrument Driver (UID) software which is shipped as standard with OmniBER 717 greatly reduces test software development time. UID$$$s simplify programming since detailed knowledge of SCPI is not required - programming OmniBER can be easily done from a graphical programming environment such as VEE or LabVIEW. 

    Optical 1310nm and 1550nm interfaces at 51Mb/s ( STM-0/OC-1), 155Mb/s (STM-1/OC-3) and 622Mb/s (STM-4/OC-12) are supported, as well as electrical interfaces at all the commonly used telecom rates. PDH interfaces from 704kb/s to 140Mb/s (E4) and DSn interfaces at 1.5Mb/s (DS1) and 45Mb/s (DS3) are supported. The measurement capability is configured using a modular architecture, allowing flexible configurations and full upgradeability, thus protecting your investment in test equipment. 

    The instrument can be configured to include DSn, PDH, SONET, SDH, ATM and jitter. Alternatively it can be configured to have any one of these technologies with or without jitter generation and measurement. 

    Use OmniBER 717 to perform non-intrusive monitoring of live traffic or test network protection switching mechanisms, perform out-of-service BER measurements or fully test ATM physical and cell layers and B. ISDN protocol stack layers. Functionally test PDH/DSn/SDH/SONET multiplexors, regenerative repeaters, digital cross connects, etc., as well as ATM switches, routers and rate converters. 

    Stress network elements by performing frequency offset, auto-jitter tolerance, auto-jitter transfer and output jitter measurements to ITU-T recommendations. Important parametric tests such as protection switch times, frequency, delay and power measurement are also supported. 


    • Accurate protection switching time measurement 
    • Optical power measurement 
    • Auto-setup and preset functions 
    • Stored error and alarm results graphics (1 second resolution) 
    • Print on demand, print all 
    • Integral graphics 80-column printer with screen dump facility 
    • External printing (GPIB, RS-232-C) 
    • Alarms/errors indicators and trouble scan mode 
    • Remote control (GPIB, RS-232-C, LAN) 
    • Integral disc drive, VGA output.


    • Dual standard SONET/SDH 
    • OC-12c, OC-12, OC-3c, OC-3, OC-1, STS-3c, STS-1, DS3, DS1 interfaces 
    • Errror and alarm generation/detection 
    • Graphical in-service SONET alarm and BIP scan 
    • Overhead access, overhead sequences, overhead BER, DCC drop/insert 
    • AU-3 and AU4 mapping rates for international gateway testing 
    • DSn/PDH drop/insert (from/to SONET/SDH) 
    • Thru-data mode (transparent, overhead, overwrite and tributary add/drop) 
    • Frequency and optical power measurements 
    • ITU-T G.826 and M.2100/M.2110 and M2120 analysis


    • STM-4o, STM-1o, STM-1e, STM-0,140 Mb/s, 34 Mb/s, 8 Mb/s, 2 Mb/s, 704 kb/s interfaces 
    • SDH binary (NRZ) interfaces 
    • Error and alarm generation/detection 
    • Graphical in-service SDH alarm and BIP scan 
    • Overhead access, overhead sequences, overhead BER, DCC drop/insert 
    • 140 Mb/s, DS3, 34 Mb/s, 2 Mb/s, DS1 and VC-4, VC-3, TU-3, TU-2, TU-12 bulk-filled payloads 
    • Pointer sequence generation and pointer analysis 
    • PDH drop/insert (from/to SDH signal) 
    • Thru-data mode (transparent, overhead overwrite and AU/TU tributary add-drop) 
    • SDH jitter generation/analysis to ITU-T G.825/G.958 and O.171. 
    • Frequency and optical power measurement 
    • Protection switch times and delay time measurement 
    • ITU-T G.826 and M.2100/M.2110 and M.2120 analysis.




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