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    Keysight/N2100A-H10 /7 GHz 数字通信分析仪

    • Keysight/N2100A-H10 /7 GHz 数字通信分析仪
    • 欲购买或租赁Keysight/N2100A-H10 /7 GHz 数字通信分析仪?请在线咨询或拔打24小时电话:13715327187
    7 GHz 数字通信分析仪/Keysight缩略图



    Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced on December 13, 2006, that it has completed the acquisition of certain assets of PXIT Inc., a privately held company that provides signal integrity testing systems for broadband optical transceiver manufacturers. For more information, see the press releasee.

    The N2100A-H10 is primarily targeted at production ATE applications. The Wideband Optical Input is ideally suited to electro-optical transceivers, VSR parallel optics modules and TOSAs. The electrical input is suited to high-speed serial data interconnects and ROSAs. Typical applications include:

    - Transceiver Test

    - Telecomms Equipment Test

    - Multi-Port System Testing

    - Hi Port Count Burn-in Test


    • Eye diagram, mask and jitter testing in a single instrument
    • Cost-effective architecture
    • High throughput measurement engine
    • Small form-factor 3 slot PXI card allowing multiple instruments to be deployed in a single chassis
    • Ideal for manufacturing entironments
    • Wide optical bandwidth coverage from 780nm to 1620nm
    • Single-ended electrical input
    • Bessel-Thomson filters (in software and/or hardware)
    • Integral clock recovery for coherent measurements up to 3.0Gb/s
    • External reference clock input (SMA)




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