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    SANTEC/OTF-970/Santec OTF-970 可编程波长&带宽可调谐滤波器

    • SANTEC/OTF-970/Santec OTF-970 可编程波长&带宽可调谐滤波器
    • 欲购买或租赁SANTEC/OTF-970/Santec OTF-970 可编程波长&带宽可调谐滤波器?请在线咨询或拔打24小时电话:13715327187
    Santec OTF-970 可编程波长&带宽可调谐滤波器/SANTEC缩略图


    Santec has developed a new programmable optical tunable filter (OTF-970) that combines the attractive features of wide C+L band tunability with of bandwidth tuning and sharp filter slope. Built with novel, free-space custom optics and an ultra-fine tuning mechanism the OTF-970 ensures precise filter control and a flat-top passband shape. The filter is particularly suited to high isolation channel selection and noise filtering in high-speed transmission testing at 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s.



    The OTF-970 line up consists of two versions depending on transmission bandwidth range and slope shape. The Standard type has 0.1 to 15nm adjustable bandwidth with a filter slope of 200dB/nm, and the ultra-fine type has 0.08 to 4nm bandwidth tuning with our steepest filter slope, 400dB/nm. The fully programmable OTF-970 has automatic adjustment of the filter center wavelength and bandwidth. An integrated power meter monitors output power and features an automatic peak search function. The setting of wavelength and the bandwidth can be automated and be operated remotely by the GPIB interface.


    • Center wavelength adjustment & bandwidth tuning independently
    • Wavelength range: 1525-1610nm (C&L Band)
    • Bandwidth range:
      Standard 0.1 – 15.0nm, Ultra-Fine 0.08 – 4.0nm
    • Flat-top filter shape with a steep filter slope
      Standard 200dB/nm, Ultra-Fine 400dB/nm
    • Peak search function
    • Programmable
    • Supporting control software (USB / GP-IB)


    • 40Gb/s , 100Gb/s transmission test
    • WDM wavelength tuning
    • ASE noise filtering
    • Next generation bundle wavelength OXC
    • Pulse shaping
    • Flexible test and measurement


    Parameter Unit Standard Ultra-Fine Notes
    Min. Typ. Max. Min. Typ. Max.
    Wavelength Range nm 1525   1610 1525   1610  
    Bandwidth @-3dB nm 0.1   15.0 0.08   4.0  
    @-20dB nm 0.4   15.5 0.25   4.5  
    Wavelength Accuracy nm   ±0.3 ±0.5   ±0.3 ±0.5  
    Bandwidth Accuracy nm   ±0.3 ±0.5   ±0.3 ±0.5  
    Insertion Loss Bandwidth > 0.2nm dB   3.5 5   3.5 5 *1, 2
    Bandwidth < 0.2nm dB   5.5 7   5.5 7 *1, 2
    Filter slope dB/nm   200     400    
    Group Velocity Dispersion ps/nm   ±0.2     ±0.2    
    Polarization Dependent Loss dB   0.25     0.25    
    Polarization Mode Dispersion ps   0.2     0.2    
    Crosstalk dB   50     50    
    Return Loss dB   45     45    


    *1:In case of peak search option, the insertion loss increases by 0.5dB
    *2:The insertion loss at (1525nm – 1530nm) wavelength range may increase by 1dB.




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